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Welcome to the music page!

Here you can find a selection of video samples, and a list of albums that Glen has produced and performed on below.

Here is a selection of albums that Glen has produced and played on.


Yasuhiro Minamizawa - tanpura, swarmandal. Glen Kniebeiss - guitar, bass, tabla

Hiroki Okano - ocean soundscape. Nobuyuki Nishida - artwork and design.

2020 Padmasanga Records


"30 Years Anniversary LIVE CONCERT"   

Yasuhiro Minamizawa - sitar, Glen Kniebeiss - tabla

Recorded at Eiun-in Temple, Kyoto

2016  Independent release


"Raga Chandranandan"   

HIROS - bansuri, Glen Kniebeiss - tabla

2016  Independent release



Kenji Inoue - sitar, Glen Kniebeiss - tabla

2016  Independent release


"Into Red Dust"   The Ambients

Glen Kniebeiss - guitar/tabla, Chris Toro - bass, Hugo Cran - drums, Dean Thomas - keys

2013  Independent release


"Raga Kirwani"  

Sangeet Mishra - Sarangi, Vinod Prasanna  - bansuri, Glen Kniebeiss  - tabla

A beautiful live recording from a concert at the Castlemaine Art Gallery. 

2012 Independent release


Vinod Prasanna  - bansuri, Glen Kniebeiss  - tabla

Three different Ragas, for morning, afternoon and evening.

2010 Independent release

(Click here to visit the website for Vinod Prasanna)

"Midnight Sun"  

The Jed Rowe Band (Glen played tabla on "Trick of the light")

2009 Distributed by Green/MGM

"PBS 106.7FM World Music sampler"

Featuring many world music artists from Melbourne, including a tabla and oud track from Glen Kniebeiss & Chris Sprague.


(Become a member of Global Village on PBS and they will send you a copy!)



Sabyasachi Bhattacharya - sarod, Glen Kniebeiss - tabla, Norina Hamada - tanpura.

CD Launch - 1st June 2008 

2008 Independent release

(Click here to visit the website for Sabyasachi Bhattacharya)


"The Melbourne/Istanbul Sessions" 

With Pin Rada and a host of musicians from Melbourne and Istanbul.

2007 Telluric music


"Raga  Malkauns"  

Glen Kniebeiss - tabla & Chris Sprague - surbahar, Norina Hamada - tanpura

2006  Independent release


"Music Deli Celebration"

ABC Radio NationalMusic Deli Celebration is a very special collection of music that celebrates the diversity of the Australian music scene in the 21st century.




A beautiful and meditative album featuring vocalist Ria Soemardjo




Yilila are a great band from Arhnem land, this CD also features John Butler and Raka Mukherjee.

2006 Independent release


"Love's Deepest Calling"

Peru Francis

2006  Independent release

"Manila Manila"

Yilila with Raka Mukherjee

winner of the 2005 NT indigenous music awards, "best cd release" & "song of the year"

2005  Independent release




"The Sacred Opening"

Peru Francis

2005  Independent release


 "Actors for Refugees"

Compilation album in support of the many refugees who come to Australian shores




Glen Kniebeiss & Chris Sprague 

"a truly creative and unexpected crossing of cultures, these two Australians eloquently point the way forward"  fROOTS magazine UK

2003 Independent   Available to buy at


"Into the ether"

Jenny Thomas

2002 Black Market Music




2002  Independent release



"Into the Indigo Night"

Cate Bailey

2001  Newmarket  music





This CD received an ARIA nomination for best Australian world music album, 2001.

2001   Newmarket  music


"Sitar and Tabla"

Jeff Harrison and Glen Kniebeiss

2000  Independent release


"April Della"


Improvised in the studio, Dan Richardson, Matt Stonehouse, Glen Kniebeiss, Jeremy Tibb

2000  Independent release



"Riot Slacks "


Melbourne Hip hop / electronic/ improvised outfit

1999   Independent release


"Dr Chrome "

Dr Chrome, featuring Glen Kniebeiss, Mike Connolan, Hugo Cran

1998  Independent release



b'Borfic, an early incarnation of The Ambients.

Featuring Glen Kniebeiss, Chris Toronyi, Hugo Cran 

1998  Independent release




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